At the end of 2006 I became designer assistant of Emmanuel Babled while continuing my studies. Owing to this role, I improved my design, presentation and development skills, paying peculiar attention to the origin of the product itself and its impact on the local working sector. Thanks to Babled Studio, he had the opportunity to collaborate with many companies and design galleries; among them Venini, Vistosi, De Vecchi, I+I, Kundalini, TorArt, Metea, Gedy, ecc…, Nilufar, The Apartment gallery, Kessler, ecc.. .
I also attended many seminars and displays about the Murano glassblowing design and involved with different materials tested: first of all Murano glass, ceramic, plastic (rotmoulding and injection), plexiglas, marble, fabrics, silver.

Below some images of the realized projects.

Image rights: all images are courtesy and copyrighted by Emmanuel Babled Studio, Nicole Marnati and Carlo Lavatori

Emmanuel Babled Studio – Amsterdam

Brick – Personal Edition


Gedy S.p.a.




I and I



Emmanuel Babled Personal Editions