From the very beginning of the Church christians regarded Maria as their mother ” Woman , behold your son … ” and to the disciple Jesus said ” Behold , your mother” and from that hour the disciple took her into his home . John 19, 26-27.

Mary was the object of deep theological reflection and devotional relationship.
Her ” presence ” among the believers it’s always expressed out of a specific time and place according to the social/religious events that take place and develop along the enrolling of time.
In this project the Parish Priest will express to the artist the image of Mary as the mother of the community who interacts with it. Afterwards the next step will be the proposal of a sketch from the artist.


There are three main actors that will participate in this project, namely:

A- the Priest will coordinate and inspire both the architect and the artist by proposing his view about the image of Mary that better interact with the assembly
B- the architect designs the site/space of the Marian devotion within the hall of the Church.
C- the artists translate the proposed vision and carve the statue of Mary.

At the moment the construction site is near complition therefore we are ready to introduce, among the christological signs that will be placed in the Hall , the presence of Mary.

After carefully evaluating the artists’ curriculum , two artists have been selected for this task. The double choice was done in view of having an added value to the sculpture of Mary that stands for a world unified belief: two artists with different accademical formation, wit different culture, coming from different geographical places and with a different ethnic bakground, who have never met before, will carve and model together with 4 hands the sculpture of Mary our Mother and in so doing to overcomethe diversity as an obstacle to unity and showing the common sensitivityas loved children of Mary. During the entire process the artists will be filmed in order to witness and to share this unique and-we hope- beautiful experience that will keep the memory of Mary Queen of Peace alive in our hearts. The selected artists are Mr. Titus Ndegwa Maturi sculptor from Kenya and the Italian artist Mr. Filip Moroder Doss.

modello del progetto