Sound absorbing lamp collection for the brand QBlight.

The collection is made by 3 different series, DOTTY, ORI and WALLY.

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Year: 2021


The Dotty series enhances the natural shape of light, a soft circle of fabric enclosed by a frame that creates an adjustable ambient light. Dotty is available in 3 sizes 30/60/90 cm. it adapts to different environments and can also be used in infinite customizable combinations. Perfect for private homes and public places with a high decorative impact, such as hotels, shops, bars and restaurants. The wide range of colors provides the possibility to match the environment or to give colored accents to the space.

Photo credit: mauro martinuzzi

Photo credit: mauro martinuzzi


The Ori series celebrate the origin of things and through reproductions of watercolor drawings on paper representing cellular compositions, the lamp becomes a painting that furnishes even when switched off. Ori is available in 2 square sizes 80 × 80 cm. and 100 × 100 cm. and is divided into 6 paintings, finely recreated in sewn fabric and inserted in an anthracite-colored metal frame.

il mare – Photo credit: mauro martinuzzi

il frutto e la rosa – Photo credit: mauro martinuzzi


The Wally series tells the vision, thanks to the light and through the use of shadows it represents volumes that face the light of the sun and the moon. Wally is the most monumental of the collection, it is available in 2 rectangular dimensions 120 × 80 cm. and 150 × 100 cm. and includes 3 different designs; this lamp is the most performing in terms of sound absorption and therefore suitable for meeting rooms and large public or private areas.

la notte – Photo credit: mauro martinuzzi